Modern Day mythology or enlightenment to alternate belief systems? Into Me You See books explore the reality of priestesses, goddesses, Shamans, witches, and beyond, sometimes written by shamans, witches, goddesses, and priestesses. Not in a fantastical way, but as everyday practice in a metaphysical world beyond the accepted norm. These stories are sort of fiction and sort of guides to actual possibilities. Envision and explore New Worlds while reading a walloping great tale.

Intimate stories with purpose, passion, faith, and trust. Stories written to delight, entertain, and challenge. Stories designed to provoke the imagination to new horizons.

Who We Are

Into Me You See is not a publishing company. We are a brand. We are an alliance.

The name, Into Me You See, comes from the word Intimacy. We hope that what readers get from books sponsored by Into Me You See, is an intimate reading experience, in which they get a glimpse into the author. Not like a memoir, more like the twisted way our mind works.

Into Me You See, wants to sponsor books that challenge readers, teaching them something new through the art of storytelling, but are not how-to- books. We are looking for superior quality stories that embrace, enchant, and challenge. We sponsor both fiction and non-fiction books that fit our brand.

The benefit of being an Into Me You See sponsored book is marketing and exposure. Once your book is selected, you will be allowed to use our logo on the cover page of your book and on the front or back cover. And our collective membership will help promote your book. Through sharing on social media sites, our own website, periodic contests or giveaways and possible box set promotions. We don’t charge a fee for this. But we do expect you to help promote the other books in the collaboration while we promote yours. Think of it as a co-op. We all share in the work and all reap benefits without any money changing hands. We provide our readers with a group of books that they know they will enjoy.

The executive committee for Into Me You See, consists of Scarlett Braden, Joss Burnel, and Barbara Snow. The committee will vet each book submitted to us to see if it fits with our brand.

If you think your book might fit, and you are interested in collaborative marketing and promotions, submit your book now.